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Be Brave.   Be Beautiful.   Be  You.

Stand Up Against

Lung Cancer

A Legacy of Love, and Life

Our Goal, Vision & Values

Volunteer, Support Groups, or Donate

For Women

End The Stigma

You and your family might have questions after diagnosis. We’re here to provide education, answers, and partnership against the societal stigma.


You are still beautiful – inside and out. We’re here to remind you of that by providing beauty, health and wellness programs.


You may feel alone and have lost a sense of who you were before your diagnosis. We’re here to support you and connect you to groups of women who are fighting the same battle.

Upcoming Events

  • Kindness for Karen Day with New York City FC
    161 St - Yankee Stadium
  • Become A Gala Sponsor
    West Edge NYC
  • A Night of Karing Gala - VIP Admission
    West Edge NYC
  • A Night of Karing Gala - General Admission
    West Edge NYC

Join Us

Empower Women With Us

Why Ladybugs?

If a lady bug has flown into your life, it heralds a time of luck in which our wishes begin to be fulfilled. Worries begin to dissipate, new happiness comes about. The lady bug cautions us not to try too hard, or go too fast to fulfill our dreams. It reminds us to let things flow at their natural pace. She signals us that we can leave our worries behind and that our new happiness is on its way. The lady bug signals us not to be scared, but to live our own truth. 

People close to Karen have said that when they've thought of her, they have seen a ladybug. Coincidence?

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