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Who We Are

Leadership Team


Our mission is to support, and partner with, women affected by lung cancer on their journey to maintain their beauty, dignity and sense of self.


Our vision is to be a global support network of women affected by Lung Cancer as a reminder that they are not alone.



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Message From The Family

Hello Friends and Welcome to The Kindness for Karen Foundation!!


The word chesed was used in ancient text to express the attributes of grace, benevolence, and KINDNESS.  Translated today, this word bears the connotation of a loyal type of love which manifests itself not in emotions, but in actions.


At The Kindness For Karen Foundation, we define Kindness as, “an act of or way of being kind that fosters charitable behavior, concern for others, and inspiration to pay it forward”.


Our Foundation’s Mission -- to support, and partner with, women affected by lung cancer throughout their journey to maintain their beauty, dignity, and sense of self -- was not set only to define Kindness, but act on it; to be a living example of Kindness, and to inspire Kindness within others.


Karen was a beautiful soul.  She was a loving wife, caring mother, devoted daughter, and supportive sister.  Her life and legacy are what inspired the creation of our Foundation.  It’s through her that our vision of creating a global support network for women affected by lung cancer will be achieved.  


It’s with the love and support of you, the communities we serve, and our generous donors and sponsors, that we will be able to support these Warrior Women by:

  • Designing and hosting educational seminars and symposiums aimed at ending the societal stigma associated with this disease while provide information and resources for those searching for answers on what to do after diagnosis and how to care for loved ones traveling their journey

  • Providing access to care and wellbeing (through partnerships with beauty, health, and wellness organizations) that our Warriors need and deserve so they can regain their own sense of internal and external beauty

  • Establishing access to support groups in New York City and around the world via our 24/7 Virtual Support Network


Karen was the light of our world.  She is dearly missed everyday, by many.  Her light touched everyone in our community – which was exhibited by how there was standing room only in the cathedral for her funeral services.


The Kindness for Karen Foundation will honor Karen`s memory for all eternity, but ultimately, we want to help find a cure for Lung Cancer so that stories like hers will never have to be told again.


Thank You for your love, support, and generosity.  Together, we can support, partner with, and remind these Warrior Women to Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be You!


Yours In Kindness,

The Ruda Family

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